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The Sphingolipid Club is a free Association and its life depends on Memberships.

Thus, we ask you to join us as a Member. Here following the benefits for being a SLC members:

-       To be informed on upcoming Meetings, Conferences, Seminars in the sphingolipid and related fields

-       To post on the website any proposal for post-doc or PhD students positions

-       To apply for research or travel grants awards, that the SLC will sponsors for young trainees

-       To participate to the SLC VirtualLab. The SLC VirtuaLab primary mission is to allow SLC researchers to share reagents and make available their own expertise and/or facilities. VirtuaLab participants will be available to develop joint research programs in the context of international research funding calls. VirtuaLab initiative will also encourage and favour any type of initiative aimed at developing multidisciplinary training programs as well as research exchange/lab internships for undergraduate/ graduate students and postdoc fellows, who will become leaders in fundamental and translational sphingolipid research in academia and industry. To join to the SLC VirtuaLab ask to

-       To apply for the organization of the biannual SLC Meeting and any other Sphingolipid-focused Conference (national sphingolipid days, small thematic conferences, etc.)

-       To participate to the Special one-day “Meet the Expert” Course that will be organized for young researchers first approaching to the Sphingolipid field, generally the day before the SLC biannual Meeting

-       To profit from a special 300€ discount for publication on the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, Special Collection on  Sphingolipid Signaling in Health and Disease (Collection Editor: Andrea Huwiler)

-       To have a 50€ discount in the Registration fee at the biannual SLC Meeting

How to become a Member


Option 1: Senior Scientist (2020-2021): 60 €

Option 2: PhD Student and early stage (first 2 yrs) post-doc (2020-2021): 40 €

Download the Membership Form and fill it out.

Pay by Bank Transfer to the account:
Sphingolipid Club n° 609451 - Banca di Mantignana

Payments within Italy:    BBAN: T0863003004000000609451
Payments from overseas: IBAN: IT12T0863003004000000609451
Description of payment: Senior/Junior, year/years

Send a copy of bank transfer and Membership Form to:

Note: Bank transfer charges are at the responsibility of the applicant and should be paid at source in addition to the Membership Annual Fee

For any queries, contact

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Do not forget to fill out the Membership Form even if you are choosing payment via PayPal.