Sphingolipid Club Travel Grants Awards

FASEB Research Conference on “Lysophospholipids and related mediators”, Lisboa, July 28-Aug 2, 2019

In view of the high impact of sphingolipids in the scientific program of the FASEB Conference “Lysophospholipids and related mediators”, the Sphingolipid Club has decided to sponsor two travel grants awards, for young trainees, namely PhD students or early (first 2-yrs) post-docs, who are/become Members of the Sphingolipid Club.  One Travel Grant Award (500 €) is for the best short talk (or talk) presentation, and a second one (300 €) for the best poster, provided they are focused on sphingolipids.

The selection Committee is constituted by three Members of the Sphingolipid Club, namely Gehrild Van EchtenAndrea Huwilerand Antonio Gomez-Munoz, who will participate to the Conference, in quality of Chairs/Speakers.

The Awards will be announced and delivered at the end of the Conference.

Please download the Application Form, complete it after having been registered as SLC Members, and mail it to riccardo.ghidoni@unimi.it, to which you can address any query if needed.

IJMS will sponsor a poster award, at the Lisbon Meeting "The Lysophospholipids and related mediators Conference: from bench to clinic"

We announce the winners of the Travel Grants Awards to support participation to the FASEB Conference Lysophospholipids and related mediators, held in Lisbon, July 28-Aug 2,2019:

Hira Naizi, from Paris cardiovascular Research Center (PARCC / INSERM Unit 970), for the best Short talk presentation (500 €) and Valentine Yolander, from Virginia Commonwealth University, for the best Poster presentation (300 €).

The Sphingolipid Club congratulates with the winners and wishes them the best for their future research work.