24 July 2020

The Sphingolipid Club is highly supportive of its young members and cherishes the need to promote young scientists’ formation and advance in their career. However, a lot of those who could benefit from this support are not aware of the opportunities the society offers. To increase the awareness about these benefits and to make them more accessible and easier to understand we decided to constitute the Sphingolipid Club Youth Board. With this, it is intended to create an active, collaborative network connecting the new generations of researchers in the sphingolipid field, thus giving the chance to all young scientists to be involved and feel heard in the well-established scientific community.

The Members of the Youth Board are:
Sara Grassi, Coordinator, University of Milan, Italy
Valentine Yolander, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
Anne Monfort, University of Toulouse, France
Shah Alam, University of Bonn, Germany
Johannes Morstein, New York University, USA