The Sphingolipid Club is a non profit association of researchers interested in the improvement and development of scientific research on Sphingolipids. The Sphingolipid Club stands as a tight mesh network among all Scientists who are knowledgeable about or simply curious to know sphingolipids biology and aimed at involving worldwide participation of interested researchers.

The Sphingolipid Club focuses on promoting collaborations, sharing ideas and expertise, creating multidisciplinary interest on Sphingolipids research.
Biannual meeting are organized with the primary aim to allow all the participants to present their research activity and to create occasions for fruitful exchanges.
The Sphingolipid Club website offers a link to support communications and collaborations as well as announcements.
The Sphingolipid Club cherishes the need to promote young scientists formation and advance in their career. In this sense, oral presentations by young researchers are highly encouraged and fellowships are assigned at meetings, and occasionally throughout the web site. Advanced courses are organized by senior members for younger participants. The friendly and lay atmosphere and accessibility of the meetings are intended to attract and emphasize students and post-doctoral fellows. Moving young PhD students from one laboratory to another to complete their education in the field, Sphingolipid Cub always encourages young people in cultural exchanges between different countries.
In line with the collaborative spirit of the Association, the Sphingolipid Club established a scientific consortium with the International Ceramide Conference (iCC) organization, another Sphingolipid research community born in US. The iCC and the Sphingolipid Club organize routinely joined meetings, that attract all Sphingolipid researchers from worldwide countries.

A few decades ago, Sphingolipids molecules were still poorly understood and a small number of scientists was interested in the field. In a short time this research area extended its horizons, leading to increasingly numbers of high quality publications, impact factor and involved scientists. In a few decades, basic scientific knowledge on Sphingolipids has been translated to clinic, producing innovative strategies for diagnosis and cure of human diseases. The broad spectrum of applications make the Sphingolipid research a fascinating, primary and crucial scientific task.

The Sphingolipid Club was founded on 31st October 2001 by a group of five Italian researchers with the idea of bringing together all researchers involved in sphingolipids. The association was legally registered in Perugia, Italy.

Since then, several meetings have been organized: 2002 Perugia-Italy, 2003 Sale Marasino-Italy, 2004 Florence-Italy, 2005 Bertinoro-Italy, 2006 Calella della Costa-Spain, 2007 Bilbao-Spain, 2008 Leiden-Netherlands, 2009 Glasgow-UK, 2011 Favignana-Italy, 2013 Assisi-Italy, 2015 Cesme-Turkey (joint with the International Ceramide Conference), 2017 Trabia-Italy, 2019 Cascais-Portugal (joint with the International Ceramide Conference).

Today the Sphingolipid Club counts on an organizing and administrative staff, on a Scientific Board of international experts and six Honorary Members, who are pioneers in the field.

The Sphingolipid Club welcome you: join us!
Download the Constitutive act and Statute [ PDF file – italian version ]




SLC Vice-President


SLC Secretary & Web Administrator


Scientific Secretary




The SLC logo with the representation of the sphinx has been drawn from an original Rhodian plate
(6th century BC pottery from Pithos burial)
Archaeological museum of Rhodes, Greece.


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