We are not able now to confirm our Sphingolipid Club (SLC) Meeting for September 2021. We regret for this, but we are confident that you understand us and share with us the decision to postpone the Meeting on September 2022. The decision was taken in agreement with Vittorio Maglione, at Neuromed, was proposed to organize the 2021 SLC Meeting. It was not an easy decision, but the difficulties due the pandemic situation do not leave alternatives. The idea to have an online Meeting was discarded, since we are strongly committed with a friendly, top-level, scientific atmosphere, that is possible only with a physical presence.

The Meeting will cover all the topics associated with sphingolipids, ranging from their biochemical and biophysical properties to the development of new tools and applications. Particular attention will be also paid to the role of sphingolipids in both human health and disease conditions with the aim to provide a global scenario of emerging sphingolipid-based therapeutic approaches.

Each scientific session, moderated by recognized leaders in the field, will include a balance of talks from well-established experts and young investigators. Oral communications and posters from early-stage career scientists and students, as well as from investigators from outside the field, who have recently become interested in sphingolipid biology, will be particularly welcome. This will provide a vibrant, interdisciplinary and cross-generational environment which will allow all the participants to share their “sphingolipid vision” and to establish new fruitful and exciting collaborations.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Pozzilli in 2022!

Vittorio Maglione and Alba Di Pardo