14th SLC MeetingPozzilli, ItalySeptember 7-11, 2022


The XIV Sphingolipid Club Meeting has been held at Pozzilli, Italy, from Sept 7 to 11, 2022, chaired by Vittorio Maglione and Alba Di Pardo, from Neuromed, a private research and clinical institution, that provided a substantial support, in both the Meeting organization and financing.

The Meeting has been a great opportunity for young PhD students and post-docs scientists to share their researches with more senior experienced scientists, in a friendly athmosphere and a top-level science.

Approximately 100 researchers from 15 different countries, from all Europe, North and South America and Australia, participated at the event, which hosted more than 70 presentations  and posters. Among them the eminent keynote lecture by Prof. Timothy Cox, from the University of Cambridge, titled “Sphingolipids – classical matters in the ancient and modern world”.

All the sessions have been passionately participated, and the discussions intense and fruitful. A minisimposium, supported by the International Society of Neurochemistry and titled “Sphingolipids and brain: pathophysiology and therapeutics”, was a basic part of the program.

All young participants, who gave a talk or presented a poster, have been supported with travel grants, just to remark and confirm a primary mission of the Sphingolipid Club, namely that to promote the career of young trainees and acknowledge their interest in the Sphingolipid field.

The social events, including the amazing visit to Agnone, the city of artistic bells, and the gala dinner, were the occasion to widen personal contacts, promote reciprocal knowledge and open fruitful collaborations.

This Meeting celebrated the 20th anniversary of our Club, and posed the basis for further activities, aimed to enlarge our association, and grow the interest of the scientific community in the fascinating issue of sphingolipids.

We are now already at work to organize the 2024 Sphingolipid Club Meeting !


Here below you can find the final program & participants